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Over 300+ million compact fluorescent lamps, CFLs, have been purchased since 2006 in America. They save consumers energy and money, but also pose hazards to the environment. Most often used CFLs are simply discarded in the trash where they can release mercury vapor into the environment. The released mercury vapor is harmful not only to the environment, but animals and you!

In this day and age of buzz words like "Going Green" and "Sustainability", throwing these lamps out is simply not an acceptable option. So what can be done about this?  

The Green Action Project is a new program that allows your non-profit, school or community organization to offer environmentally safe compact fluorescent recycling at no charge to your community, event attendees or students.

Selected participants receive the nation's first CFL recycling center: ComPak free of charge! ComPak is specifically designed as a green sustainable recycling solution to be deployed in virtually any location throughout the nation.

G.A.P is a easy way for you to take Green Action by
offering free convenient CFL recycling at no
charge to your organization!

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Drury University Takes Green Action!
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Drury University adds to its recycling program. The school now has three compact fluorescent lamp or ComPak CFL recycling centers on its campus.

Each center can hold up to 180 bulbs and once filled, the school sends it to NLR in Connecticut where the CFLs can be properly recycled.

If thrown in the trash, CFLs can release a mercury vapor that's harmful to the environment, animals and humans.

Funding comes from NLR, Inc through its Green Action Project and says this is its first G.A.P. recycling program in Missouri.

Why Recycle CFLs?

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CFLs contain mercury that is harmful to the
environment, animal and YOU! Find out the details about proper recycling.

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